Employee Expense Reimbursment Forms (20.11+ only)

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This section of the documentation describes the Advanced Workflow Feature available in versions 20.11 for entering and approving employee expense reimbursements through EAC. This functionality provides the following features:

  • Expense reimbursement requests entered, edited, and submitted through EAC.
  • Complete the approval process in EAC.


Expense Categories and Expense Types reference table entries must exist before users can complete an Expense Entry Form.

Employee Expense Entry Form

Menu Path: Employee Access Center > Employee Tasks > Expense > Create Expense Request

The Employee Expense Entry Form allows employees with access to EAC to enter, edit, and submit requests for expense reimbursements. These requests, when approved, convert to payable entries and issue checks for the Vendor ID associated with the employee.

Create an Expense Request

  1. Choose the Create Expense Request page.
  2. Complete the necessary fields on the page.
  3. If the Expense Form requires multiple line items, click Add Row to add a new line item.
  4. Choose one of the following options:
    • Click Save. This saves the expense form as a draft that can be reviewed and finished later, if necessary.
    • Click Submit to send the expense form for approval.

General Information Fields

Expense TypeSelect the expense type.
DescriptionEnter a description of the expense.
Start DateEnter the start date when the expense was incurred.
End DateEnter the end date when the expense was incurred.
Destination CityFor travel expenses, enter the destination city.
Destination StateFor travel expenses, enter the destination state.

Line Item Fields

Expense DateEnter the dates for line-item expenses.
Expense CategorySelect the expense category.
UnitsEnter the number of units.
Cost Per UnitThis field auto-populates based on the Units entered and the Expense Category selected.
Estimated CostEnter the estimated cost of the expense.
Actual CostThis field auto-populates based on calculated costs from Units and Cost Per Unit.
BudgetSelect the appropriate Budget Unit associated with the expense.
AccountSelect the appropriate Account associated with the selected Budget Unit for the expense.
ProjectSelect the appropriate Project associated with the selected Budget Unit for the expense.
AdvancesSelect Y or N to indicate if an advance is being requested or not.
ReimbursableSelect Y or N to indicate if the expense is reimbursable or not.
AttachmentsSelect any receipts or supporting documents to attach. This field may be required if the selected Expense Category reference table is configured to require attachments.
CommentsEnter any additional comments.
Total Estimated CostAuto-populated field based on calculation from the total cost of all line items.
Total Advance AmountAuto-populated field that displays the total of all expense line items where the Advances field is selected.
Total Reimbursable AmountAuto-populated field that displays the total of all expense line items where the Reimbursable field is selected.
Total Non-Reimbursable AmountAuto-populated field that displays the total of all expense line items where the Reimbursable field is not selected.

Expense List Page

Menu Path: Employee Access Center > Employee Tasks > Expense

This page displays the history of expense reimbursement requests made by an employee. The expense list gives the status of each expense reimbursement request. Employees can also view all attachments.

View the Expense List:

  1. Choose the Expense List page.
  2. View the status of the expense forms on the List page. Use the navigation bar at the bottom of the page to view older expense forms.
  3. Select the Expense Report ID to view the Expense Detail page. This displays expense reimbursement requests with the following statuses:
    • Approved
    • In progress
    • Denied
    • Drafts
  4. Click Attachments to view any receipts or supporting documentation.
  5. Hover over Status to view comments, if given, by the approvers.

Fields Information


Displays the status of the expense reimbursement form:

  • Approved
  • In Progress
  • Denied
  • Draft
Expense Report IDThe unique ID assigned to an expense reimbursement form when it is created.
Expense TypeThe expense type for the reimbursement form.
DescriptionThe description entered for the expense reimbursement form.
Creation DateThe date the expense reimbursement form was created.
Expense AmountThe total reimbursable amount.
AttachmentsReceipts and supporting documents attached to the expense reimbursement form.

Expense Detail Page - Entry

Menu Path: Employee Access Center > Employee Tasks > Expense > Expense Report ID

This page displays all the information for a selected expense reimbursement form. It also displays the status of the approved and denied expense reimbursement forms.

This page includes the following three sections:

  • Staus Bar - Gives the status in the form of a banner for approved and denied expenses.
  • General Information - Information about the Name of the requester, Start Date, Department, End Date, Expense Type, Description, Location, Destination, Fiscal Year, Advanced Check Number, Expense Check Number, and Purchase Order Number.
  • Expense Summary - Information about the expense line items for Expense Date, Expense Category, Units, Cost, Estimated Cost, Actual Cost, Budget Unit, Account, Project, Advance Flag, Reimbursement Flag, Attachments, and Comments.

Menu Path: Student Activities > Entry & Processing > Student Activities > Student Activities List

This page displays the list of all student clubs and organizations in the district that have been created in the Student Activities module. This page serves as the central location for entering, tracking, and reviewing fiscal activity for student clubs and organizations. Use this page to post transactions to the General Ledger, print/void checks, generate reports, and transfer funds between clubs or organizations.

You can use the Search and Filter options to locate and view specific student activities

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