Payable Entry Features

The Fund Accounting System provides a range of features for processing accounts payable, from entry and approval to posting either on line or by batch.

Menu Path:  Fund Accounting > Entry & Processing > Payable Entry > select an option

Payable Entry Options

Fund Accounting's Payable Entry menu includes the following options:

Approve/Deny Payables

Enables you to select payable items for approval or denial. After you approve or deny payments, you can post them directly to Fund Accounting. For details, refer to Approve/Deny Accounts Payables Page.

Batch Accounts Payable

Enables you to add payable records to a batch file that can later be reviewed and posted to Fund Accounting. For details, refer to Batch Accounts Payable Page.

Change Accounts Payable

Enables you to change data in existing payable records. For details, refer to Change Accounts Payable Page.

Post Accounts Payable

Enables you to add payable records. You can reference encumbrances that were either entered in Fund Accounting or posted from Purchasing. For details, refer to Post Accounts Payable Page.

Standard Payables

Enables you to create and use templates for payables that include recurring data. For details, refer to Payable Templates Page.

Additional Accounts Payable Features

Following are brief descriptions of Fund Accounting's additional features, which are based on the appropriate profile settings and reference table setup:

Electronic Funds Transfer

Allows you to process vendor payments without printing actual AP checks. This feature enables you to generate a special file containing payment data as a part of the vendor check run for EFT vendors. You send the file to your bank which then distributes funds electronically to the vendors' banks. The system also can send e-mail notification to the vendors.

Accounts Payable Approval

Allows you to apply an approval process for your accounts payable records. By assigning an Approval record to a payable, you apply pre-defined approval rules to the record. This includes the number of levels required, personnel authorized to perform approval, and dollar amount ranges for determining the payable distribution line items that need approval. Payables are stored in batch files during the approval process.

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