Miscellaneous Billing

The Miscellaneous Billing system provides billing and receipt capabilities for services provided by your organization. You can do the following:

  • Invoice one or multiple customers at a time.
  • Create one-time invoices or repetitive invoices.
  • Create mass invoices for some or all of the customers in your database.
  • Print invoices and statements.
  • Search customer records for complete invoicing and payment history.
  • Adjust invoice and payment information.
  • Integrate data with the financial system.

System Setup

Explains options for setting up the reference tables for your system. Reference tables must be set up before you can enter customer records, invoices, and receipts.

Customer Information

Explains the options you will use to create and maintain customer and customer service records.


Explains the options for entering invoices online or in a batch as well as for creating and using recurrent and mass invoices.

Financial Transactions

Explains the options for posting payments, adjusting billing and payments, applying and refunding credits, aging accounts, applying penalty and interest, writing off bad debt, and interfacing data to your financial system.

Information Management

Explains the options for viewing financial data, running customer, invoice, generating reports, and purging data from the system.

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