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The eFinancePlus Vendor Bidding System is an online, interactive software package used in conjunction with the eFinancePlus Purchasing System. Vendor Bidding is designed to handle all phases of the bid process, from creating bids and entering requests to awarding bids and converting them to purchase orders.

Following is a partial listing of the features incorporated in the eFinancePlus Vendor Bidding System.

General Features

  • Utilizes a single, integrated database to maintain the integrity of your records.
  • Enables easy access to options, using folders, favorites, and keyboard shortcuts, depending on your preference.
  • Allows you to keep multiple pages displayed for entering, looking up, and maintaining records.
  • Utilizes table-verified codes for identifying commodities, vendors, request and shipping locations, and users. Besides ensuring accuracy and efficiency, verification tables offer considerable flexibility in changing multiple records.
  • Protects the integrity of records through an extensive security system. This system enables you to assign privileges to personnel for accessing specific menu options and look-up pages.
  • Utilizes a fieldsensitive help function to assist you in entering information when adding and changing records. The help function provides either a drop-down list of valid entries or a query page for looking up selections from tables.
  • Provides an advanced search feature for looking up information and retrieving records.

Bid Processing Features

  • Utilizes the Purchasing System's Commodity Codes table for identifying the products and services entered in bids.
  • Enables you to set up bid records specifying the commodities users may request.
  • Offers an automatic numbering feature for identifying bids.
  • Converts requisitions from the Purchasing System into bids in Vendor Bidding.
  • Allows you to copy previous bids. You can add or delete commodities from these bids to create new bids.
  • Generates lists, known as a Bid Books, for distribution to departments. Personnel can then submit requests using the lists as worksheets. Depending on your site's security and purchasing procedures, Vendor Bidding also allows staff members to enter requests directly into the system.
  • Generates Bid Lists for distribution to vendors.
  • Enables you to enter responses from vendors. In most cases, each vendor response requires just one entry per commodity: the bid price.
  • Accommodates alternate bids in instances where vendors propose substituting commodities or changing quantities.
  • Generates a Bid Award Recommendation report that can recommend a bid based on either the price per unit or total price. The report's page includes an option for awarding bids automatically.
  • Pre-encumbers bid amounts and provides related budget checking to ensure sufficient funds are available for a bid.
  • Enables you to convert awarded bids to purchase orders in the Purchasing System.
  • Provides a special table for linking request locations with shipping locations.
  • Generates a variety of reports on bids, vendors, and pricing.

Database Maintenance Features

  • Enables you to close bids to prevent activities from being entered against them.
  • Provides an option for purging closed bids from your database.

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