The Aesop Interface provides the ability to import data from the Aesop application into eFinancePlus. The interface initially loads into the aesattend table and then posts error-free records to the Attendance (attend) table. Standard eFinancePlus programs are used to view, edit, and post attendance records created by the Aesop Interface. Posting attendance records updates employee leave balances, creates substitute timecards, and creates docking timecards, if needed.

The recommended Aesop export file format used in version 5.x is the pipe delimited format. This format provides the ability to import separate values for the absentee leave units and the substitute work units. Earlier implementations of the Aesop interface used fixed width files.

When implementing the Aesop Interface, contact PowerSchool to request the installation of the current Aesop Interface programs.

This user guide explains the usage of the pipe delimited file format. For information on previous formats, please contact PowerSchool.

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