Participate in Discussion

If the discussion was enabled for a course or PLC, the Discussion option will display.

The Discussion Board

The discussion board includes the following features.

  1. Topics - Choose between viewing threads for all or specific discussion topics. (Moderators also will have the option to manage topics.)
  2. Narrow Results - Search, filter and/or sort existing threads.
  3. Create New Thread - Start a new discussion thread.
  4. Discussion Threads - Interact with existing threads.

Create a New Thread

Click Create New Thread to begin.

  1. Select a discussion topic for your thread from the list of existing topics.
  2. If enabled by the Moderator, click Create New to create a new discussion topic for your thread.

    In the pop-up, enter the new topic title, then click Create.

  3. Optionally enter a title or heading for the thread.
  4. Enter the content of the thread.
  5. Click Attach File to add an external file to the thread (up to 20 MB file size).
  6. Click Post to add your thread to the discussion board.

Interact with an Existing Thread

Discussion threads already in progress have the following features and options.

  1. The thread topic is displayed in the upper-right corner.
  2. The original thread post is displayed at the first level.
  3. Posted replies to the thread are displayed indented, as second and third levels.
  4. You can post a reply to the original post or to a direct reply of the original post.
    • Click Attach File to add an external file to the discussion (up to 20 MB file size).
    • Click Post to add your discussion contribution and make it viewable to others.
  5. Click Follow for any thread you want to find again easily. The Filter menu includes an option to filter by threads you follow.
  6. Click More Actions to report any post that is deemed inappropriate. The Moderator will be alerted to review the post. Moderators also have the option to delete a post from this action menu.

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