Participate in Playlists

Your participation in playlists is assigned by a playlist moderator or another participant.

Get Started

Your most current playlists appear in your My Courses channel. To access your full playlist dashboard, click View All.

To view or participate in a playlist, click its title. On the Details tab, view the playlist title, description, and dates, and download any attached materials.

Manage Courses

Courses will be designated as required or elective. If you can earn credit for the playlist, you must complete all required courses.

If enabled, you can add courses for all participants. The system will designate courses you add as elective.

  1. Choose the Courses tab.
  2. Click Add Courses.
  3. Find and select the desired courses.
  4. To add the selected courses and continue adding, click Add.
  5. When finished adding courses, click Done.

Add Other Participants

Each playlist will have a group of cohorts assigned as participants. 

If enabled, you can add other participants.

  1. Choose the Participants tab.
  2. Click Add participants.
  3. Find and select the desired users.
  4. To add the selected participants and continue adding, click Add & Search Again.
  5. When finished adding participants, click Add #.

Note: The playlist moderator may hide the participant list for a specific playlist, so you cannot view or add other participants.

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