Proctor Test via Test Editor

Once a test window has been defined, use the test editor to release the test for OLA and download scan sheets.

  1. Select Tests > Test Center from the main navigation menu.
  2. Search to display the desired test.  
  3. Click the Test Title to open the Edit Test page. 
  4. Click the Administration tab.
  5. Click Proctoring.


To administer a test from the test editor, you must have Update access to the test with one course type and grade level assigned.

Those without access to the test, but who have students in the test population, can administer the test via Test Center.

The full student population displays based on the test settings for course type and grade level. All students are selected by default.
a screen shot of the Proctoring page lists all students by default

  1. If the test has multiple sections, choose a section from the drop-down list. You must release each section independently for a multi-section test.
  2. Determine the student population for test administration. To narrow the list of students for selection, you have multiple options:
    1. Use saved filters or student filters. 
    2. Choose a class from the drop-down list.
    3. Type in the search field to locate a specific student.
  3. Select all students listed or select individual students.
  4. Choose from the actions to administer the test. The buttons available depend on the administration options enabled for this test window.
    • Blank Answer Sheet - Download a blank answer sheet (without a student name).
    • Preslugged Sheets - Download preslugged answer sheets for all selected students.
    • Release - Choose this to provide access to the test via OLA for every student selected.
    • Unrelease - Choose this to remove access to the test via OLA for every student selected.

Tip: When administering tests via OLA, you can track overall progress in the status box above the student list and individual student progress in the Status column of the list.