Generic Test Upload

Districts can request an upload of assessment results that are not included in the Baseball Card report or are not suitable for test creation in Performance Matters.

Create the Data Files

Using the following data, create a file to load the required assessment results. The results display only in the Baseball Card reports.

Column NameDescriptionMaximum LengthExamples
Student IDSIS Student ID254423668186
Test DateDate of test administration; any date formats are accommodated252014-08-04; 4/8/2014
Score DescriptionThe description that will display in the Baseball Card report100Math Diagnostic - Fall
Student ScoreStudent score for the test; only numeric scores are accepted10535; 1237

If you want the results to be color-coded and color swatching enabled, you must create a color file with the following data. 

Column NameDescriptionMaximum LengthExample
Score DescriptionThis must match the score description provided in the test results file100Math Diagnostic - Fall
Begin YearThe beginning year for the color range402012
End YearThe ending year for the color range402014
Begin GradeThe beginning grade for the color range49
End GradeThe ending grade for the color range412
Min ScoreThe minimum score for the score range150
Max ScoreThe maximum score for the score range15550
Color NameThe name of the color used for the score range5Red
Color OrderThe order that defines how the colors are displayed (lowest order number displayed first)51

Note: The same colors must be used for all assessment results loaded in the Other Metrics section of the Baseball Card report.

Submit a Support Ticket

Submit a support ticket to have the results uploaded to the system. Files can either be attached to the ticket or added to the district FTP upload.

A new support ticket is required each time you send updated files to load new assessment results.

Use the Data

After the results are processed, they will display in the Other Metrics section of the Baseball Card report and can be used like any other assessment results.

The assessment is listed using the Score Description field from the results file. The results are labeled with the Score and the year from the Test Date field. As assessments are added using this process, additional assessment names display in the folder in alphabetical order.

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