Grades History

Use this page to view term grades for the selected student. The course, letter grade, percentage points, citizenship grade, and credit hours are noted for each term.

View Historical Grades Information

  1. On the start page, click Grades History from the navigation menu. The Grades History page appears. By default the current year is selected.
  2. To view grade history information for a past term, click the term tab you want to view.
  3. If viewing the current year, click a grade in the % column. The Class Score Detail page appears.
  4. Note the following:
    • A caret (^) indicates score is exempt from final grade. 
    • An asterisk ( * ) indicates an assignment is not included in final grade. 
    • The number one (1) indicates this final grade may include assignments that are not yet published by the teacher. It may also be a result of special weighting used by the teacher. Click the special weighting link for more information.