Create Categories and Assignments

Categories are broad classifications in which you group similar types of assignments. Examples of categories are homework, tests, and quizzes.

Make a category available to one, some, or all of your classes. For example, if you teach two lab sections, you can create a category for lab work assignments and make the category available for use in only those two sections. When you create assignments for other classes, you will not see the lab work category in the list of available categories.

Your district may also create categories for teachers to use. You cannot delete district-created categories, but if school policy dictates that you use your own categories, or if you do not want to use district-created categories, you can make them inactive.

If a section is shared between multiple teachers, only the lead teacher's categories will be available for use when working with that section. The Categories page can be used to manage your categories for use with sections where you are the lead teacher.