Transfer Scores

When you are viewing assignments for a new student who transferred into the class after the term's start date, you can copy assignment scores from the student's dropped class.

  • You can select past and current terms from the From Class and To Class menus.
  • Scores cannot be transferred to locked terms.
  • Online work is not available to transfer.
  • Assignment scores, standards scores, assignment comments, and assignment flags are saved as part of the transfer process.
  •  Comments from the From Class teacher appears with the teacher's name at the end of the comment.

 When transferring scores to an assignment using a different grade scale:

  • Percentages are copied.
  • Points are adjusted as needed.
  • Letter grades are calculated based on the To Class grade scale.

  1. On the menu bar, select Students. Students who enrolled in the class after the term's start date are indicated with New - [date] under their name.
  2. Select the student's name.

  3. On the student Quick Menu, select Transfer Scores. Or, if you are viewing the student's Assignments page, select the gear icon and choose Transfer Scores.
  4. Use the filter options to limit the number of items on the page. If the filter is not visible, click the gear icon and select Show Filter.
  5. Choose the dropped class from the From Class menu.
  6. Choose the class to which you want the scores copied from the To Class menu.
  7. From the To Class Assignment column, select the assignment mapping.
    • If the assignment ID or assignment name matches between the From Class and To Class, the matching assignment appears in the To Class column automatically.
    • If multiple assignment names match between the From Class and To Class, but there is one unique due date match among the multiple exact name matches, the assignment with the matching due date appears in the To Class column automatically.
    • If there are no matching IDs or names between the From Class and To Class, then no suggested assignment appears, but you can browse available assignments and select one for score mapping.
  8. Click Details to view transfer score details and messages indicating any potential issues with the score transfer.
  9. Click Transfer Scores.