Assessment Management Platform (AMP) Question Types: Overview

As a member of an AMP team, you must create questions within Managed Question Banks. In turn, associate Managed Question Banks to Managed Assessments.

We recommend you begin by creating a question bank and adding questions to it. Next, associate the question bank to a Managed Assessment, and then distribute it to students in course sections.

Once you or one of your team members have created a question bank within your team, add questions by clicking +Question and selecting a question type from the drop-down menu.

Question Types

The following question types are available on Managed Assessments. 



  • Multiple Choice
  • True/False
  • Matching
  • Ordering
  • Fill in the Blank Text
  • Short Answer/Essay
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Shared Passage
  • Fill in the Blank Dropdown
  • Fill in the Blank Drag and Drop
  • File Upload
  • Label Image
  • Highlight Hotspot
  • Highlight Image
  • Highlight Text
  • Math Short Answer
  • Number Line
  • Chart

After completing the Question Setup and Correct Answer Setup of a Managed Assessment, check to see how it will look to students by clicking the Preview Question button on the create screen.

Once you are satisfied with a question, change the Question Status from Draft to Active. Change the question status from Active to Retired once you no longer wish to use the question on assessments.

Note: Once you change the question's status to Active, you may no longer add a Learning Objective or Rubric to the question or change or delete an existing Learning Objective or Rubric. You can, however, make a copy of the question from the More Options menu  and then add or change a Learning Objective or Rubric while the copied question is still in Draft status.