Personal Account: Privacy

Schoology allows you to customize the level of privacy for your account. You can decide who sees the following content associated with your account:

  • Profile
  • Updates
  • Media Albums
  • Groups
  • Courses
  • Badges
  • Email Address
  • Portfolios
  • Blog
  • Messaging

Privacy restrictions can be enacted by simply clicking the cell associated with the setting you prefer. These options may vary depending on your account type and there may be a threshold in place for users who are part of an administered organization. 

  • Depending on the settings at your organization, access to content areas may vary within Privacy Settings.
  • By default, non-faculty users do not have the ability to connect, and student-to-student messaging is disabled.
  • Hovering over the Question Mark Icon will bring up a clue tip with information regarding the setting's effect on your content.

You can access your Privacy Settings using these steps:

  1. Click your name in the top right corner of any page in Schoology and select Settings.
  2. Click the Privacy Settings tab.
  3. Changing the settings by clicking the appropriate cell. (Gray cells with lock icons denote thresholds set by your organization.)

While the left rows correlate the type of content, the column headings along the top indicate the level of access other users have to view the content. User Privacy Settings are defined by five categories:

  1. Everyone: The feature is visible to anyone with access to the Internet. This includes non-Schoology members worldwide.
  2. Schoology Users: The feature is visible to users logged into Schoology. This includes Schoology users in other schools.
  3. Organization (Enterprise): The feature is visible to users within your Enterprise organization. For example, If you are part of Schoology High School, the feature is visible to users at Schoology Middle School and Schoology Elementary.
  4. School: The feature is visible to users in the same school with which you are associated. If you are in multiple schools users can see features marked at the School privacy level in all buildings with which you are associated.
  5. Connections: The feature is visible to users with whom you’re connected.
  6. No One: The feature is hidden from everyone.