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The Schoology Resource Center is one of the most important features for curriculum management and teaching techniques, such as differentiated instruction.

Use the links below to explore different areas of the Resource Center:

  • Personal Resources
  • Public Resources
  • Group Resources
  • Resource Apps

Note: All other items are listed as templates in Resources and can be accessed via the mobile browser or web browser.

Search Resources

The Resources search feature searches for keywords in your Personal, Public, Group, and School Resources (School Resources are available for Enterprise clients).

Filter Results

To filter the search results, check the boxes listed under the following criteria:

  • Area: This option enables you to narrow the search to an area of Resources.
  • Collection: This option enables you to narrow the search to a particular collection in your Resources.
  • Subject: This option enables you to narrow the search to the subject matter to which the resource is associated.
  • File Format: This option enables you to narrow the search to the type of file or material of the resource.
  • Grade Level: This option enables you to narrow the search to a particular grade level the resource is associated with.
  • Learning Objective: This option enables you to narrow the search to the particular learning objective(s) associated with the resource.

    Note: Depending on the search results, some filtering options may not be available.

Add Resources

The process for adding content to your resources is similar to adding content to a course. Keep in mind that items created in Resources are templates. The options are limited when building materials in the Resource area. For instance, you cannot pick a grading period and users cannot interact with the items as they would within a course.

To add Resources:

  1. Click the Resources drop-down menu and select Personal or Group.
  2. Click Add Resources and select the type of resource to add:

  • Folder
  • Assignment
  • Test/Quiz
  • Assessment
  • File
  • Link
  • Discussion
  • Page
  • External Tool
  • Package
  • Rubric
  • Badge
  • Question Bank

Note: Templates can be imported into any course or course folder. Once a template is imported, the template and the material are NOT linked; changes made to a template will not alter the material, nor will changes made to a material alter the template.

Align Resources

When adding an Assignment, File, Link, Discussion, or Page to a Course, you have the option to align the resource to learning objectives. This will designate that the resource being added coincides with the standards chosen. To do so, click the icon for Align Learning Objective at the bottom of the pop-up creator.

Edit Resources

To the right of every item in Resources, the gear icon enables you to edit, Add to Course, move, copy, or delete a resource.

  1. Edit: This option enables you to change the title of your resource, as well as to add notes that will only appear in your Resources.
  2. Add to Course: Add the item to any course that you administer. 
  3. Copy to: This option enables you to "copy and paste" the resource into another location in your Resources.
  4. Move to: This option enables you to "cut and paste" the resource into another location in your Resources.
  5. Delete: This option enables you to delete the resource from your Resources. This action cannot be undone.

    Note: The options to Add to Course, Copy to, Move to, and Delete are also located in the Edit button that appears after you check the box next to a resource in a collection. Select multiple checkboxes to complete bulk actions.

Navigate Resources

Use the breadcrumb links at the top of your resources to navigate through folders.

To navigate resources:

  1. Click a folder in your resources.
  2. To navigate back to the previous folder, click the link at the top.


You will find even more tools to organize your resources within the Options dropdown menu at the top center of the page. Some options are only available in Personal Resource collections.

The Options button enables you to:

  • Reorder Collection: You can change the order of your Folders, Files, and Links. Click on the arrow that appears next to the resource and drag it to your desired location. Don’t forget to click Submit at the bottom.
  • Auto-arrange Collection: Schoology will automatically arrange your items for you! Note that this option arranges all of the resources in a collection alphabetically; checked-boxes do not apply.
  • Rename Collection: This option enables you to change the name of the collection.
  • Delete Collection: This option deletes the collection and all items inside of the collection. This action cannot be undone. 

    Note: The Options button applies to the entire collection, while Edit (appears when you check the box to the left of an item) applies to the items inside of the collection.