District Dashboard

Your Dashboard is the first page you see when you sign in to Unified Classroom. 

Navigation Toolbar

The navigation toolbar appears at the top of the Dashboard, and is common to every page in Unified Classroom. 

Click from anywhere in Unified Classroom to return to the Dashboard.


If there are any notifications requiring your attention, the number of notifications appears next to the Notifications icon. Click the Notifications icon to view the Notifications pop-up.

  1. Click the the Search icon to display the Search field. As you enter your search criteria, a list of search results automatically appears below the field. 
  2. Click the search result you want.

Navigation Menu

The navigation menu appears on the left of the Dashboard, and displays on every page in Unified Classroom.

Main Pane


A quick view of district information appears, including the number of users in the district, as well as the number of sections users have access to. Click View More to view the District Details page.