Integrate with Microsoft

Note: Before you can integrate Unified Classroom with Microsoft, Azure must be set up.

  1. From the navigation menu, select Administration > District to display the the District Details page.
  2. On the District tab, click the Integrations tab. 
  3. In the Microsoft Integrations section, click Integrate with Microsoft.
  4. On the Microsoft pop-up, enter your Microsoft username and click Next.
  5. Enter your Microsoft password and click Sign In.
  6. On the Permissions Requested / Accept for Your Organization dialogue, click Accept. A confirmation message appears, and the content at the bottom of the Integrations tab indicates that your organization is now integrated with Microsoft Azure Active Directory.
  7. Select Enable OneNote to provision OneNote Class Notebooks. If enabled, teachers can access OneNote Class Notebooks using the OneNote link on the Create menu. If a Class Notebook already exists for a class, it opens in Unified Classroom. Otherwise, one will be automatically be created with the name of the class assigned to the Class Notebook. Students can open the OneNote link on the Quick Links page in Unified Classroom.