November 24, 2017 Release

November 24, 2017 Release -

PowerSchool SIS is updated to version with this release.

New Features

Product Area Feature Description
Unified Classroom - Main Quickly Post Entire Assignments in the Activity Feed Teachers will now be able to select assignments directly and add them to the activity feed. If the assignment has photos, links, videos or other attachments for the student to review, those all appear directly in the feed as well.
Unified Classroom - Main New Notifications Area for Activity Feed Posts Parents and students now have a new notifications area in the application that allows them to quickly see all of the new activity feed posts from teachers. Teachers also have this area and get notifications for any posts submtted by their co-teachers.
Unified Classroom - Main Edit Assignments and Assessments When editing assignments or assessments, teacher will no longer be redirected to the PowerTeacher Pro grading area. The editing feature is now available in Unified Classroom, and uses the identical form teachers used to create the assignment. Activities created in Class Pages continue to be edited there.
Unified Classroom - Main Standards Progress – Parent/Student View Parents and students will now be able to see the same standards progress graphs that teachers view for an individual student. They can see the standards that need the most attention in a single class or across multiple classes. Clicking View All displays a report card-like PowerSchool page with all standards grades for all reporting terms.
Unified Classroom - Main Support for Teachers' Custom Class Names The Unified Classroom navigation now supports teachers' custom class names. Custom class names are entered on the Settings page.
Unified Classroom - Main General Performance Improvements General performance improvements, including loading of the dashboard and other areas.
Assessments Content Leasing - Scripted

Facilitate scripted client content leasing:

  • Curated Banks - including PowerSchool
  • District-to-District
Assessments Manage Edits Post Visibility Change management controls to audit/manage artifact edits after student delivery.
Assessments District Admin - Content Management Provide district admin access to the Assessment library, including content management (create/edit) in District Bank.
Assessments Preview Assessments

Teacher Assessment preview.

  • Teacher preview; including answers
  • Student preview; consolidated, student-centric view
Assessments Question Editor - Live Preview Display content in preview mode while editing questions.
Assessments Proctor Enhancement Added the ability to discard student results.
Assessments PowerSchool Assessments Access to the PowerSchool curated assessment bank.
Assessments Offline Assessment - Key Type Create, deliver, and score Key Type and offline assessments. At this time only Multiple Choice questions with a maximum of four responses may be delivered via Key Type.
Assessments Offline Assessment II Offline compatible assessments and content include visual identifiers. When assigning an offline assessment, pick lists are filtered to scan compatible assessments.
Class Pages In-Line Grading Added ability for teachers to enter scores via Class Pages and have those scores sent to PowerTeacher Pro.

Resolved Issues/Known Issues

Product Area Type Summary Release Note
Account Management Feature Update your PowerSchool ID (Username) You can now view and edit your PowerSchool ID (username) on the Profile page.
Assessments Feature Constructed Response Default Points Updated the default maximum score for constructed response question types to 1. The maximum value was previously 0, which prohibited manual scoring on constructed response items.
Assessments Improvement Icon updates - Proctor and Results Pages

Updated icons:

  • Proctor page - session status icons
  • Results page - student constructed response and taxonomies
Assessments Fix Proctor - Unlock Assessment Resolved an issue where unlocking an assessment via the proctor page would cause a 404 error.
Assessments Fix Loading Status Message Resolved an issue where the loading status message displayed after the page load was complete.
Assessments Fix Student Results Resolved an issue where students would see a 404 error when attempting to view their assessment results.
Assessments Fix Results Page Loading Error Resolved an issue where removing passages from items caused page load errors when reviewing results.
Assessments Fix Editor CPU Usage Resolved an issue where question editor would exceed expected CPU usage threshold.
Assessments Fix Distractor Rationale Resolved an issue where Distractor Rationales were not displaying when 'Check Answer' was selected by the student.
Assessments Fix Constructed Response Scoring Resolved an issue where Constructed Response column scoring was not functioning properly.
Assessments Fix Rescore Buttons Resolved an issue where 'Rescore' controls were not rendering correctly on Results page.
Assessments Fix Offline Results Resolved an issue preventing scanned offline assessment scores write back to PowerTeacher Pro.
Assessments Fix View Results Error Resolved a 404 error that would appear when attempting to view assessment results.
Assessments Fix Page Label Correction Corrected an issue where page labels displayed incorrectly after adding items to an assessment.
Assessments User Story - Feature Autosave and Recovery

Add support to automatically recover unsaved changes when the session ends unexpectedly.

  • Unsaved work is automatically stored every 60 seconds.
  • On recovery, user is prompted to recover or discard unsaved changes.
Unified Classroom - Main User Story - Feature Teacher Preferences - Course Name Display Options

When teachers select PowerTeacher - Display Settings from the Quick Links menu, they will see the option(s) to choose how they want their classes displayed in Unified Classroom.
Course Name Display options include the following:
Period/Day display: displays and sorts classes by the period/day
Section number (sort by number): displays the section number and sorts by it.
Section number (sort by course name): displays the section number, but sorts by course name.
Once the preference is selected, the teacher will see it on the Class Selector, Calendar, Activity Feed, Assignments, and various areas throughout Unified Classroom.
Future releases will include the following preferences:

  • District/site/section hierarchy.
  • Default classes.
  • School abbreviations in the Class Selector when a teacher works at more than one school.
  • Admin period/day and cycle day sort.
  • Custom course name.
Unified Classroom - Main Product - Bug Display Settings - Auto Calculate Standards Checkbox Resolved an issue where teachers would navigate to the Display Settings page and select the Auto-Calculate Standard Scores checkbox, the checkbox within the Global Create Assignments page would remain unchecked (as opposed to checked based on the Display Settings selection).
Unified Classroom - Main Product - Bug Calendar - Weekly/Monthly View Known Issue: When teachers, parents, or student open the weekly or monthly view of the calendar, the only way to view the daily details (such as events, assignments, personal reminders) is to click on the white space within the day rather than the actual calendar event.