September 8, 2017 Release

September 8, 2017 Release -

There is no PowerSchool SIS update with this release.

New Features

Product Area Feature Description
Assessments Offline Testing - Paper & Pencil

Paper/pencil testing essentials. Includes support for:

  • Assign offline assessment
  • Print assessment (browser print)
  • Print answer key (browser print)
  • Print bubble sheets
  • Scan bubble sheets via iScan mobile app
Assessments Client Legacy Content Import Import client's legacy PowerSchool Assessment content.
Assessments PowerSchool Content Bank

PowerSchool content is now available to those districts that have leased this content:

  • Districts now have access to the PowerSchool bank selector.
    Not in this release
  • PowerSchool Exams
  • PowerSchool Secured Content
Unified Classroom - Main Assignment Attachments Ability to add video, pictures, presentations, Word documents, and other document types to assignments.
Assessments Standards Selector Updates Standards filter updates.
Account Management Allow Other Administrators to Reset Passwords When you are using the administration area of Unified Classroom you can now grant other users the ability to reset passwords in Unified Classroom.

Resolved Issues/Known Issues

Product Area Type Summary Release Note
Assessments Fix Assessment Preview Resolved an issue where the assessment details view would not correctly display individual items correctly for selected assessments.
Assessments Fix Assessment assignment student list Proctor student list now correctly mirrors assignment student list when assigned students are a subset of entire class.
Class Pages Fix Fixed Issue With Special Characters in SIS Accounts Special characters like "@" were causing problems with single-sign on for Learning in the Unified Classroom.
Assessments Fix Network Error during student testing Resolved an issue where students would intermittently see a network error when submitting an assessment and results would not be scored correctly.
Unified Classroom - Main Fix Student Alert Descriptions Display in IE 11 When teacher use IE11 to access Unified Classroom, student alert descriptions now appear.
Unified Classroom - Main Fix Student Overview Page - Scroll Bar Missing When using Internet Explorer to access the Student Overview page, the scroll bar was missing. This issue is now resolved and users can scroll down to the bottom of the page.
Unified Classroom - Main Fix Students Page - Student Cards not Wrapping When using Internet Explorer and navigating to the Student Page, the student cards were not wrapping. This issue is now resolved.
Class Pages Fix Unable to Edit a Student's ePortfolio Teachers in the Unified Classroom have sometimes been unable to edit a student's ePortfolio even if they have been given permission to do so.
Assessments Enhancement Assessment - Kiosk Mode Renamed Global Create Assignment Option, 'Full Screen Mode' to 'Kiosk Mode' for consistency with legacy Assessment product.
Assessments Enhancement Standards Selector Filtering

Standards filter options are now linked so that selecting one filter correctly reduces values available in other filters.

  • For example, if you select authority 'VA', then add a 'Document' filter, the list of available documents is filtered to those applicable to Virginia.
    Known Issues
  • In order to filter to correct standards for your state, begin by selecting 'Authority' then 'Document'. If additional filters are needed or required, they can be added in any order.
  • Standard authorities and documents are currently not pre-filtered for users, this will be addressed in a future release.