June 22, 2018 Release

June 22, 2018 Deployment of Release

PowerSchool SIS is updated to version with this release.


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New Features

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Assessments Assessment Workflow The Assessment workflow now creates tabs to help you know where you are in the content creation process. For passages, items, and assessments, you start by entering the basic information and then proceed to a next step to add the content. This will allow for a simpler process for creating content in Unified Classroom. Assessment Workflow
Assessments District Admin - Assignment Template District Administrators can now facilitate district-wide testing by having the ability to send out Assignment Templates for assessments to teachers in the district. The Assignment Template will allow the District Administrator to send secure assessments for benchmark testing with set testing windows. The assessments can be sent out by course or by section to allow the necessary teachers for the subject to create test sessions for district testing. District Admin - Assignment Template
Assessments Item Analysis Teachers can review and analyze assessment results at the distractor level by item for a common subset of item types. This information will provide more actionable data to adjust instruction.   Item Analysis
Assessments Assessment Roles and Permissions Roles (Assessment Administrators, Curriculum Specialists, Data Specialists) will be managed to grant appropriate permissions to perform actions within the district bank, such as create content, retire content, secure content, and view and print district reports. Assessment Roles and Permissions
Assessments Print Assessments and Export Assessment Results Teachers can print assessments to provide a means to keep paper copies of assessments. Assessments results can be exported by class, standard, and by individual student in CSV. Print Online Assessments

Print Online Read Along Assessments

Print Offline Assessments

Export Assessment Results
Gradebook Standard Grade Rollup Enhancements District Administrators can choose how to handle standards grades when a student has a grade in more than one class for a particular standard in a reporting term. Decide whether or not to include a grade marked exempt by a teacher or a grade from a class a student dropped. If a student has grades only from dropped classes for a particular standard, choose to show the average of all of the grades or only the grade from the most recent class. Admins, teachers, parents, and students can view the enhanced Standards Final Grades page to see which grades were and were not included in the final grade. Student Standards Progress
Identity Basic Permissions Framework Web applications in the Unified Platform can create and manage permissions for users through an internal API. Roles
Identity Parent Account Creation Parents/guardians can create a Unified Classroom account in one step, to easily add students to the account and gain access to the Unified Classroom dashboard, allowing them to view relevant information like the calendar, grades, and assignments for their students. Create Parent PowerSchool ID
Identity Enable Microsoft for Users District Administrators can on-board users and designate authentication towards using their Microsoft credentials in order to sign in to the Unified Classroom.

Microsoft Single Sign-On

Identity Microsoft SSO Teachers can use their district or school Microsoft credentials to single sign-on into Unified Classroom and gain access to the Dashboard and OneDrive library with one account. Sign In Using Microsoft Account

Resolved Issues/Known Issues


Product Area Type Summary Release Note
Cloud Account Management Bug Exit the Google Sign in Flow Users are now able to exit the Sign in with Google workflow and return to the main login page for the Unified Classroom by clicking the browser Back button.
Unified Classroom - Main Bug Browser Language Setting Issue When a browser's language is set to Spanish, Unified Classroom will no longer display emojis.
Unified Classroom - Main Bug Done/Undone Assignments The ability for a student to mark an assignment Done now applies only for assignments that are not submitted online and is not applicable to assessments.
Unified Classroom - Main Bug Student Access to Assignment Detail Previously, students clicking the eye icon to view assignment details would intermittently result in displaying a loading screen. Now when a student hovers over an assignment from the Upcoming or Recent Assignments areas, they can click on the eye icon to view the assignment details.
Unified Classroom - Main Bug Performance Issue on Internet Explorer

Known Issue:
In certain circumstances, using Internet Explorer to access Unified Classroom can result in poor response times.
It is highly recommended to use Chrome, FireFox, Edge (PC), or Safari (Mac).

Learning Bug Upload Images to Assessment Questions Teachers can now upload images to existing assessment questions.
Learning Bug Closing Gradebook Dropdown Menu Previously in Firefox, dropdown menus on the Gradebook remained on the screen until the teacher clicked another dropdown menu. Teachers can now close dropdown menus in the Gradebook without having to click another dropdow menu.
Assessments Bug Check Answer Option for Assessment Assignments To enable teachers to allow students to check their answers during testing, teachers can select Check Answer when creating the assessment assignment.
Assessments Bug Enforcing Student Testing Timer Previously, the student testing timer was not working properly to enforce student submission of the test at the end of the time limit. This has been resolved so the students experience a warning that their time is ending and the test automatically submits at the end of the time limit.
Assessments Bug Passage Editor Image Button Fixed Previously, the button to add an image to a passage was sometimes missing. This issue has been fixed so that the image button is always available during passage creation.
Assessments Bug Proctor Students View Incorrect Previously, students who had dropped from the course were continuing to appear in the Proctor tab for assessments. This tab has been updated and now will only show students who are active for the course.
Assessments Bug Incorrect Drag and Drop Answers Fixed Previously, some drag and drop items in the PowerSchool bank had incorrect answers marked. These items have been updated with the correct answers.
Assessments Bug Kiosk Mode Not Supported on iPads Investigation into students being unable to complete testing when using iPads revealed that iOS Safari does not support full screen modes like those used in kiosk mode testing.
Administrator Feature Display Authentication Method on Profile Page When users view the profile page in Unified Classroom the authentication method now appears, which may be PowerSchool ID, Google, or Microsoft.
Assessments Bug Image Upload Broken for Select Item Types

Known Issue:
With the June feature release, item types that use a background image have a known issue with the image uploader. When users click OK or Cancel to upload a background image, the file selector pops up and does not allow the user to select an image or cancel the upload. Because of this, these item types will not work properly and should not be used until the fix is released in July:
-Label image with drag and drop
-Label image with drop-down
-Label image with text
-Highlight image
-Image annotation upload
-Cloze math with image
-Cloze chemistry with image
The image uploader within the item editor does work properly. The issue only affects the image uploader for item background images.

Permissions Feature Application Roles for Unified Classroom You can now list and grant roles for applications that are part of Unified Classroom. The initial set of roles available are for PowerSchool Assessments.