March 16, 2018 Release

March 16, 2018 Deployment of Release

PowerSchool SIS is updated to version with this release.

New Features

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Assessment Standards Mapping Ability for Admins to map local SIS standards to National/State Standards.

Standards Mapping

Assessment Edit Assessment Assignments Ability for teachers to edit/modify assessment settings after initial assignment creation. Edit Assessment Assignments
Assessment District Admin - Secure Exams Ability for Admin users to secure exams in their district bank to reserve for use in high-stakes testing.
Secured exams will not be visible or accessible by teachers or students.
Securing Assessments
Assessment Filter Results Standards Filter results standards view to only show district authorized standards. Filter Results Standards

Resolved Issues/Known Issues


Product Area Type Summary Release Note
Common Portal Features Bug Student Detail Page Issue

Known Issue: In some cases, when viewing the Student Detail page and navigating to the next student, the Overview tab may not display the standards information properly.
Workaround: To resolve the issue, refresh the page.

Learning Bug Assignment Details Page Navigation Issue

Known Issue:
When navigating through multiple Assignments on the Assignment Details page, Assignments sometimes appear in a different order than on the Assignment/Activity List. This will be resolved in a future release.

Learning Improvement Learning Assignments Incorrectly Display Resources Area

Known Issue:
The Assignment Details page includes an area for Resources but attachments are not displaying there yet. This will be fixed in an upcoming release.

Assessment Bug Item Versioning Error Corrected The network error that teachers experienced when creating a new version of an existing item has been corrected.
Assessment Bug Item Duplication The error message experienced by users while attempting to duplicate an item has been resolved.
Assessment Bug Proctor Locking Irregularities Resolved an issue where proctor page was not properly reflecting locked student sessions until student attempted to begin the assessment.
Admin Improvement Save Student Email Address When Creating an Account When a student is creating an account we now save their email address to our user directory. This enables self-service password reset for the student.
Admin Bug Display Multiple Values in User Listing When One User Type is not Enabled When a single user type is not enabled for a user that has multiple user types we will now display the status for both user types.
Admin Bug Fix Error When Uploading a CSV File There was a special case where uploading a CSV file containing a first row with an account that already exists would cause an error. This is now fixed.
Admin Bug Corrected the Size of Dialogs when Uploading User Lists The dialog for uploading and viewing the status of CSV files now has correct padding.
Unified Data Bug Fix an Error Screen When Account is Locked When your account is locked because of too many incorrect password attempts you will no longer see an error screen when trying to sign in.