October 11, 2019 Release

October 11, 2019 Deployment of Release

PowerSchool SIS is updated to version with this release.

Resolved Issues/Known Issues

Product AreaTypeSummaryRelease Note
UC CoreIssueSpecial Codes Now Available on Scoring PageResolved an issue that was preventing special codes from displaying in the scoring page unless they were flagged in PowerSchool SIS to "Use as a Final Grade" and "Use On Assignments." Now only "Use On Assignments" is required for special codes to display in the scoring page.
UC CoreIssueUnified Classroom Assessment Option No Longer Showing for Customers Without That ProductResolved an issue that was allowing customers who did not have the Unified Class Assessment product to see an option for Assessments in the Global Creation drop-down menu.
UC CoreIssueError When Adding Class to an Existing AssignmentPreviously, when adding a class to an existing Unified Classroom assignment, an error appeared when that assignment had a publish date. The assignment would then change to immediately publish and a section was added. This issue has been resolved.
UC CoreIssuePages in Safari Browser Intermittently Scrolls to the Top Automatically After Clicking On an ElementKnown issue:
After clicking on an element on the page, the Safari browser automatically scrolls up to the top. This is a known issue in the browser itself and is fixed in an upcoming version of Safari. For reference, https://developer.apple.com/safari/download/ includes the info on the Safari Technological Preview, which was posted on August 21, 2019.
LearningIssuePowerSchool Learning - Notifications Issue with Classes Over 500 Students

Known Issue:
Notifications are interrupted intermittently when the roster for a class is over 500 students.
Ensure that class rosters are less than 500 students.

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