Start a message session with a teacher in Unified Classroom. 

  1. On the navigation menu, select Communication.
  2. Choose Messages.
  3. Click the plus ( + ) icon on the Participants bar to search for a student name from the participants list. Select the teacher's name from the search results to open the message window. 

    The name of the teacher is highlighted on the Participants bar to indicate who you are messaging.
  4. Enter your message and click Send. The time your message was sent appears on the page. When the teacher responds, the time of the response appears.

  5. Hover the pointer over a message to either delete the message or copy it to paste in a different chat session.


When you are inactive on the Chat page with a teacher, a notification badge appears next to the teacher's name in the Participants bar. A red notification badge appears net to the Notifications icon on the toolbar as well.

If you miss a message from the teacher, it is sent to you in an email. Unified Classroom sweeps all new messages at five minute intervals to look for any messages with no response and sends the email.