Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer

What information appears on the student and parent Dashboard?

The following areas are available on the student and parent Dashboard: calendar (daily, weekly, monthly views), upcoming assignments, recent assignments, and the class overview. 

As a parent, when I look at the calendar, are the assignments and events differentiated by each of my students?

Currently in the calendar you will see all of your students’ information together. To see individual student’s assignments, select the student within the Class Selector and navigate to the Recent Assignments area on the dashboard. 

How can I create a personal reminder for a student when in the weekly or monthly view in the calendar?

Click on a date field to enter additional items. Click the plus sign to add Events or a Personal Reminder to the selected date.

When working with Assessments, when is the grade visible in the Grading area of Unified Classroom?

Assessment grades are pushed to the Grading area once the student submits the assessment. In the (late September) release, the grades will not be available in the Grading area if there are constructed responses on the assessment. When a teacher manually scores these assessments, the grades will be available in the Grading area.