Your Dashboard is the first page you see when you sign in to Unified Classroom. The Dashboard is designed to display areas that help your organize your day, recent assignments, class standards, and activities in different charts. 


The Calendar helps keep you organized.

Change the day by using the arrow buttons to the left and right of the date. Click the blue calendar button to change the month or year that appears.

Click the plus icon to add an Event or Personal Reminder.

Assignments display the color associated with the category. All assignments created on the Class Pages display as purple.

Click View More to open the Calendar page.

Class Overview

The Class Overview area provides an at-a-glance view of the student's current class standing, number of absences, and assignment status.

Standards Progress

The Standards Progress page shows the student’s overall progress towards proficiency on all of the class standards. It also highlights the standards needing the most attention.

The colors in the graph correspond to the grade scale in use for the class. For example, on a 1-4 scale, some schools may define "4" as dark green (advanced), "3" as light green (proficient), "2" as orange (approaching proficiency), and "1" as red (below).  

For the overall total, the black demarcation line displays where the cutoff is between the number of standards where the student is proficient and above, versus those where the student is not yet proficient. The graphical display makes it easy to track the student’s progress towards mastery of all the standards for the class. Below the overall totals, the standards needing the most attention are listed along with the student's grade on that standard.

To see all the student's specific grades on every standard, click View All to open the student's Standards Grades page. This page is designed to look like a standards based report card, with all of the standards in each class, and the grades for every reporting term. See the PowerSchool Help for more information.

Upcoming Assignments

The Upcoming Assignments area displays assignments due within the next 15 days. Click View All to open the Assignments/Activities page, where you can view assignment details.

Recent Assignments

The Recent Assignments area displays all recent assignments and activities for the selected class for the reporting term. Click on an item to view the details. Click View All to open the Assignments/Activities page.

Activity Feed

Communication from the teacher appears in the Activity Feed. Recent posts appear in the activity feed window. To see previous posts, click View More to open the Activity Feed page.