Using the Assignments/Activities page, you can view assignment and activity information for your classes.

On the Dashboard, select View More in the Upcoming Assignments or Recent Assignments area to view the Assignments/Activities page. Or, on the navigation menu click Progress and then Assignments.

Filter Assignments/Activities

Select Filter, then choose from the filter options or enter information to sort assignments/activities. 

Note: Select Add to combine filtering options.

Sort Assignments/Activities

Click column headings to sort in ascending order. Select the column heading again to sort in descending order.

View Assignment/Activity Details

Choose an assignment/activity to view detailed information, or hover over the assignment and select Assignment Details.

Hover over an assignment/activity and select Upload Assignment or Mark as Done, as necessary to complete the assignment/activity.

Students can use the Mark as Done option to indicate to teachers that their non-Assessment assignments are complete.

Note: Selecting Mark as Done does not submit the assignment or complete work for the teacher.
If the assignment has the option for students to submit online work, then the Mark as Done flag is not available. Instead, the student's assignment status shifts to Submitted after the student uploads their completed assignment.