Using the Assignments/Activities page, you can view assignment and activity information for your classes.

On the Dashboard, click View More on the Upcoming Assignments or Recent Assignments area to view the Assignments/Activities page. Or, on the navigation menu click Progress and then Assignments.

Filter Assignments/Activities

  1. Click Filter
  2. Select a filter from the pop-up menu to sort assignment/activities by.
  3. Enter information to filter the list.
  4. Click the Plus icon to add additional filtering options.
  5. Click the x to clear a filter.
  6. Click Clear All to clear all filters.

Sort Assignments/Activities

Click column headings to sort in ascending order. Click again to sort in descending order.

View Assignment/Activity Details

Click an assignment/activity to view detailed information. Or, hover the mouse over the assignment and select the eye to view assignment details, or the checkmark to mark the assignment as done.