Review Assessment Results

Assessment Results are accessed from the Recent Assignments list. From the Dashboard, click View All on the Recent Assignments widget to view a full assignment list.

On the Assignment/Activities list, hover over an assignment, activity, or assessment exam and click the View Results icon.

You can also click on an assignment in the list to view the Quick View, then click Assessment Results.

The Student Results header includes

  • Your score
  • Test Date
  • Length (if a test duration was assigned)
  • Assessment Type
  • Status
  1. Student Results default to displaying results by item. Your performance on each question is indicated by a series of icons. 
    1. Green Check – You answered the item correctly.
    2. Red X – You answered the item incorrectly.
    3. Fraction – The fraction indicates the number of points received out of the possible number of points. 

    Select an item to view the item and your response.

  2. Click the Standards icon to review performance by standard.

    Each standard Code and Standard Name is listed with your standard mastery percentage under Results.

    Select an item to view your response. If answered incorrectly, the correct answer will be indicated by a green check.