Student Testing

  1. From the Dashboard, click View More on the Upcoming Assignments widget on the right.
  2. Hover over an assessment assignment and click the Take Assessment icon.
  3. The test session landing page provides the following information:
    1. Instructions
    2. Duration
    3. Number of questions
  4. Click Start.
    *Note: If a student attempts to launch the online assessment link for an offline assessment, an alert appears on the launch screen stating, "This assessment is assigned for offline delivery only." The Start button is disabled to prevent students from launching the test.
  5. If the test administrator set a time limit for the test, a timer appears in the top right corner to alert you of the total time allowed and track the time that has elapsed. 
  6. A  Progress Bar at the top of the testing window provides a visual reference of how far along you are in the assessment. The progress bar turns blue as you answer items.
  7. Click the Pause button to pause testing. Click Continue to resume testing.
  8. Click Flag Item to flag an item for review. 
  9. Click Next to proceed to the next item or Previous to go back to the previous item.

    *Note: Students are always warned that they are completing a section and proceeding into a new section. Once beginning a new section, the student cannot return to the previous section.
    When a student clicks Next to complete a section or Finish to submit an assessment, a message appears alerting the student of any unattempted questions, or the number of questions that remain flagged for review. The student must click Yes to continue to the next section, or No to return to the section and address unattempted questions or those flagged for review. 
    *Note: The number of unattempted or left flagged for review is limited to the current section since students cannot return to review earlier sections.
  10. Click the Tools button and select Response Masking to mask answer choices. This feature is helpful when narrowing answer options to select the correct answer. 
  11. Click Tools and select Review from the drop-down menu to view a summary of the assessment, including items Flagged items and Un-attempted items.
    1. Click the check boxes in the top right corner to filter Flagged or Un-attempted items.
    2. Select an item to return to and review or answer items as needed.
    3. Click the X in the top right corner to exit the Review window.
  12. Click Tools and select Accessibility to select from the Student Controls activated by the test administrator.
    • Color Scheme - If enabled, you can select from several color schemes.
    • Font Size - Enabled by default, this allows you to select a custom font size.
    • Screen Zoom Level - If enabled, follow the instructions to zoom in or out while testing.
    • Check Answer - When enabled, this feature allows you to check your answers during testing.
  13. Click Finish to submit your assessment.
  14. Click Submit to confirm.