Assignment Setup

Before you begin creating assignments, at least one category must exist. While your administration may have seeded categories for you, you can also create your own. Set up assignments, choose whether or not to include them in the final grade, and tie them to standards. Your district may also set up assignment categories at the district level for you and other teachers to use. See Create Categories.

Before setting up an assignment, consider how you will score the assignment:

  • Do you want to record the score as points, a percentage, or letter grade?
  • How many points is the assignment worth?
  • How do you want to weight the assignment?
  • Do you want to include the assignment in final grade calculation?

Count in Final Grade

When setting up assignments, you can use the Count in Final Grade checkbox to indicate whether an assignment should be included in calculating final grades. The value set for a category is used as a default for all assignments within that category, but may be overridden on an assignment-by-assignment basis.


Assignment setup may involve weighting; however, weighting is not required. Weighting gives particular assignments, whether points, percentage, or letter grades, more value than others when determining final grades. The weight value is used to multiply the points earned and the points possible.

Extra Points

You can determine the extra points. Unified Classroom takes the total sum of Points Possible and Extra Points to determine the maximum points available on the assignment. When entering the score on the Scoresheet, you cannot enter a value greater than the maximum score that appears on the Assignments window in the Max Entry field.

Note: The maximum point value ((Points * Weighting) + Extra Points) for any assignment is 9,999 within Unified Classroom.

Standards Based Grades

You can assign any number of standards to an assignment, which can be scored separately or auto-calculated from assignment scores.

Score Types

Choose from four different score types —points, percent, grade scale, or collected only. It's possible to use one score type for one category and a different type for another, but it’s best to choose one method and use it consistently when scoring assignments so that your analysis of student performance is easier. When assigning specific score types to a category or assignment, choose from the following scoring options.

Score Type


Points – Record all scores as points

25 out of 25, 8 out of 10, 50 out of 100

Percent – Record all scores as percentage values

100%, 80%, 50%

Grade Scale – Record all scores as values from the grade scale

A, B, F or 4, 3, 1

Collected Only – Record all scores using the collected score indicator.

This type has no score value and therefore does not count toward the final grade.

Once you have set the way scores are to appear in each category, any assignment you create uses that format by default. You can change the default setting when you create individual assignments. Making a decision in advance for categories in general simplifies your gradebook work in the long term.

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