Create a Master Class

Save time and energy by creating content once in the Master Class and have that content available for multiple sections. 

Start a Master Class by creating a manual class and then linking roster sections to it.

Create a Manual Class

  1. Choose Quick Links from the left Navigation Bar.
  2. Select My Classes under Learning.
  3. Click + New Class.
  4. Add details to the class (name, code, summary, etc.).
  5. Customize the class settings (allow comments, school year, etc.).
  6. Move through the rest of the class creation process.

Link Roster Sections

  1. Return to the manual class (created above).
  2. Choose Manage Class > Edit Roster.
  3. Select + Create Sections and click OK.
  4. Choose Import Students for one section.
  5. Find the appropriate section to populate the section.
  6. Click + Import for the desired class section.
  7. Select Link class name to section name. 
  8. Choose Continue.
  9. Review the roster and finalize the link by clicking Import.

Repeat steps 4-9 for each roster section.

Important: DO NOT use + Add Students to enroll students in a Master Class. Students added in this way will NOT be affected by changes made by registration in your SIS.