Publish Class Content

Allow students to view class content by making the class Active and Publishing individual pages. Remember, students will not be able to access Published content when the Class Page is Inactive.

Make Class Active

  1. Navigate to Class Pages.
  2. Select Manage Class > Make Active.
  3. Choose how long the class will be active and who can access it.
  4. Click Save to finalize the process.

Publish Individual Pages

  1. Visit Class Pages.
  2. Return to the page that you want to publish.
  3. Choose Publish.
    The Publish button has a square around it to emphasize its location on the class page.
  4. Specify when you want the page to be viewable.
  5. Select Save to publish the page.


    • On the list of class pages, published pages have a red icon.
    • Hidden pages have a gray icon.
    • Only the first page is published by default.