Getting Started

Navigating Unified Classroom

The Home page appears when you sign in to Unified Classroom.

Across the top of each page is the toolbar.

The Unified Classroom toolbar includes the class picker, create, alerts, and the search option.

Unified Classroom logo - Click the Unified Classroom logo to return to the Dashboard page.

Class Selector - Choose the class or group to work with. You can also choose the year and reporting term from this menu.

Term Selector - Choose the reporting term you want to work with. Note that the default reporting term is based on two things: the default term in the SIS (set by the district administrator), and the first class listed in the Class Selector. If the first class in the Class Selector is a Semester 1 class, the default reporting term will be S1.

Add - Add an assignment.

Notifications - Click to view new notifications on the Activity Feed, new Messages from students or parents, or notifications that a student has submitted an online assignment.

Search - Search Unified Classroom. You can set favorites that will automatically appear when you enter the search term. If you enter a student's name, you can quickly message the student directly from here.

Unified Classroom search field with an example of search criteria and search results

Click your initials in the toolbar to open the user menu.

Settings - Access links to configure settings for specific applications.

Class Selector Menu

The Unified Classroom class selector menu allows you select a school year, semester or term, and a class.

Use the Class Selector menu to choose a class or class group to work with. The page changes based on the year and term you select.

Click the three dots in the top right corner of a tile to view the option menu.

Click Groups to work with a combined group of students. The groups are automatically created for classes occurring in the selected term that have the same expression, course, or school (if there are classes at multiple schools). You can also select All Classes from the Groups area.