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The Assignment/Activities list includes all assignments, assessment assignments, and class activities.

Note: Select a column heading to sort the column contents in ascending or descending order.


Click Filter, then select from the filter options and enter filter criteria.

Select Add to combine search criteria.


Hover over an assignment or activity, then select Scoring to access the scoring page for all non-assessment assignments. If the assignment is an Assessment assignment, Scoring gives you access to the assessment Results.

The Scoring icon features a human eye.

Or, choose an assignment to open the quick view, then select Scoring from the quick view menu.

Proctor Assessment

Hover over an Assessment assignment, then select Proctor Assessment to reach the Proctor dashboard.

The Proctor Assessment icon features an arrow pointing right.

Or, choose an assignment, then select Proctor Assessment from the quick view menu.


Select an assignment, then select Edit from the quick view.

The Edit icon features a pencil

PTP Gradebook

Hover over an assignment, then select PTP Gradebook to view or enter grades in the PTP Gradebook.

The PTP Gradebook features a calculator.

Or, choose an assignment, then select PTP Gradebook from the quick view menu.

Online Work

A computer icon.A computer indicates the assignment has online work.

A ruler icon.A ruler indicates the assignment is an assessment.


Select an assignment, then select Edit from the quick view.

Select Delete, then confirm. 

 Assessment assignments that students have begun cannot be deleted unless students' results are discarded.

If students have created handouts for the assignment, the students' work is lost if you proceed in deleting the assignment.