Enter Assignment Scores and Review Student Work

The assignment scoring page provides you a single location to enter scores for assignments, analyze different scoring criteria, fill scores for different assignment parts or for all students, view submitted work, and send a direct message to the student or parent.

On this page:

Navigate to the Assignment Scoring Page

From the Dashboard or the Assignment/Activities List, hover over an assignment, activity, or assessment exam and click the Scoring icon

Enter Assignment Scores

The assignment score page typically has the score panel collapsed, to provide you with a full view of the different parts of the assignment.

The assignment score page with the score panel collapsed on the right.

You can enter scores for standards, rubrics, or other criteria. Click in the applicable score field, then select the score, assignment flag, and any special codes as needed from the collapsed score panel on the right.

If you prefer to use your keyboard to enter scores, the following keyboard shortcuts are available. Type in the shortcut in the appropriate score field and press Enter.


Co or (.)

Mark as collected

La or (*)

Mark as late

Mi or (/)

Mark as missing


Mark as exempt


Mark as incomplete due to student absence


Mark as incomplete
=Enter the maximum score for the assignment

To view the score panel for a more complete analysis of the scores, click the arrow in the bottom right corner to expand the score panel.

 The assignment score page with the score panel expanded.

Each part of the assignment can be scored independently. Use the score panel to efficiently enter scores for different parts of the assignment. Hover over the score to view details. You can apply a score flag to each part of the assignment, or enter a special code. 

An arrow icon at the top of the Score column indicates the default calculation method for the assignment. 

Note: if you selected to use a custom class grade scale, it will be applied to the scores shown. If an administrator has made a change to the grade scale settings, you may be prompted to recalculate and refresh your scores.
Image of the default calculation method arrow.

Navigate to the previous or next student, or jump to any student listed, using the student navigation option in the score inspector panel. 

Image of student navigation on the scoresheet.

View Submitted Online Work

The Status column indicates the submission status for each student's assignment.

  • An empty Status field indicates the student has not yet submitted work for the assignment.
  • A right arrow indicates the work has been submitted by the student.
  • A purple left arrow indicates the assignment has been returned to the student. 
  • The presence of a number indicates the number of times the file has been that status. 

If the student has submitted online work for the assignment, select the Files indicator. 

The Files column indicates a student has uploaded two files.

All of files the student has uploaded for the assignment appear in an editor window, with the most recent file at the top. Use the arrows to view other attachments submitted by the student.

The score inspector is open beside the editor window which reveals a student's submitted work. The navigation links are at the top of the editor window.

Review the attached files, and use the score panel to assess the components of the scoring criteria as you review the submitted online work.

You can view and annotate the handout using the editor within Unified Classroom if the assignment includes

  • Google files (Docs, Sheets, or Slides) submitted from a student's drive in a Google tenant district.
  • Microsoft files (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx) from any location.
  • Student copies of files created using the Handout functionality in Unified Classroom.

Note: You must click the pencil to edit or annotate Microsoft files.

The pencil icon is highlighted in the editor window.

Analyze Assignment Scores

Different colors allow you to quickly review the distribution of grades in your class, and to analyze student progress. You can filter the view of the assignment score page to show different distribution of students and their assignment scores.   

  1. On the top right area of the page, click the color block.
    Image of the distribution of grades color levels.
  2. Select the color, or colors, associated with the score groups you want to review. Scores associated with that color appear on the page.
  3. Click the filter icon to the right of the color block to further refine the number of students that appear on the page.

Return Assignments to Students

You can return an assignment to a student at any time after it has been submitted. Assignments can be returned before or after editing or annotating the assignment, or scoring the assignment.

Returning the assignment to the student allows the student to view your edits and annotations, make changes to the file or upload additional files, or view your annotations and assigned score.

Return an Assignment to Individual Students 

Click the ellipses, then select Return to Student. 

The ellipsis beside a student's name has been selected, revealing the option to return the assignment to the student.

Or, open the score inspector when viewing a student's grade, then select Return to Student.   

The score inspector indicates the student whose score is being viewed.

Return an Assignment to All Students

Click the ellipses in the header of the Students column, then select Return All

Fill Scores or Comments

Use the Fill functions on columns and rows when scoring an assignment. You can fill the assignment score and the assignment attribute (Missing, Late, Exempt, etc.).

  1. Click the ellipses next to the score column heading (this includes any standards, rubrics, or criteria you have associated to the assignment).
    Image of the fill scores and comments menu on the scoresheet.
  2. Use this menu to fill scores with the selected score, fill comments with the selected comment, or clear comments and scores. If you have entered a new score and/or comment, you can clear all existing scores and comments and fill in with the new score/comment you have entered.

Smart Text

Use smart text to automatically insert specific student information—such as the student’s preferred name. For example, if you enter a comment for one student that says, “Richard completed all assignment tasks,” and filled the comment for other students, each student’s name would be personalized in the resulting comments.

  1. Enter the personalized comment, then select Fill Comments.
  2. Use the Names and Pronouns dialog to confirm that you want to apply smart text to each comment, or using the original text.
    Image of the names and pronouns dialog.
  3. Select the smart text link see the smart text codes that can be used. Smart text will include all additional gender pronouns set by the district.
  4. Click Use Smart Text to fill the comments with the smart text provided.

Fill Student Scores and View Student Details

Click a student row, then select the three dots next to the student name. 
The ellipsis beside a student's name has been selected revealing the menu options Send Message, Fill Row Scores, Clear Row Scores, and Go to Student Detail.

You can fill the scores for all scoring criteria for a single student, or clear all scores. 

Go directly to the Student Detail page from this menu. 

Message a Student

Send a direct message to a student from the assignment score page. 

Click the three dots next to a student name, then select SendMessagesMessage. When you send the message, the student receives an alert in Unified Classroom, and can send you a response. 

Edit Assignment or work in PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook

The ellipsis has been selected, revealing the options to navigate to the PTP Gradebook or to Edit the assignment.

To modify the assignment, such as the name or due date, click Edit

To view and work with this assignment in the PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook within the Unified Classroom, click the three dots next to the help icon and select PTP Gradebook.

Copy Scores or Assignments

Copy scores using the PowerTeacher Pro Scoresheet or Standards Grades page.

Copy an assignment to a different class using the PowerTeacher Pro Scoresheet page.