Enter Comments in PowerTeacher Pro

As you enter assignment scores or final grades, use comments to record specific details about student performance. Add comments manually or choose comments from the Comment Bank.

The PowerTeacher Pro score sheet indicates students whose score is accompanied by a comment. A tiny speech bubble appears beside the assignment score. A view of the comment bank found in the score inspector shows how a comment can be selected from the bank and added to the score.

Enter Comments Manually

  1. Click the text field at the bottom of the Score Inspector, or select the Comment icon on the Score Inspector and select the larger text field.
    The comment icon found on the score inspector.
  2. Enter comment text. If you want to remove the comment, click Clear Comment.
    A comment is entered within the comment field in the score inspector. Below the comment are the option to clear the comment or show the comment bank. 
  3. Click Save. A blue Comment icon appears in the student’s score cell. Click the icon to read the comment.

Select Comments from the Comment Bank

  1. Click the Comment icon on the Score Inspector.
  2. Click Show Comment Bank
     A view of the comment bank found in the score inspector shows how a comment can be selected from the bank and added to the score.
  3. Click the plus (+) next to one or more comments you want to add to the score.
  4. Click Save.

Manage Comments

To limit the comments that appear in the Comment Bank, enter information in the Filter field (such as a keyword or code) and then select Apply.

Click the star next to a comment in the bank to set it as one of your favorite comments. You can then sort the list to display your favorite comments at the top of the list.

Click the gear icon to choose the following options:

The gear icon has been selected revealing the options to choose District Comments or My Comments. You can also choose to Manage Comments, or to separate comments by Line Breaks or Spaces.

  • Display comments entered by the district, or display only comments entered by the teacher.
  • Click Manage Options to open the Comment Bank page.
  • Choose if you want comments separated by a line break or a space.

Fill Comments

When you use the Fill functions to fill comments that include smart text, the Names and Pronouns dialog appears to confirm that you want to apply smart text to each comment, or using the original text. Select the smart text link on the dialog to see the smart text codes that can be used. Smart text will include all additional gender pronouns set by the district.