Enter Scores and Grades in PowerTeacher Pro

Enter scores, grades, or special codes using the PowerTeacher Pro score inspector by selecting Grading > Scoresheet or Grading > Grades.

  1. Locate the assignment you want to score, and enter the students’ assignment scores in the Score column.
  2. If standards are aligned to the assignment, enter the standards scores in the standards columns. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard or the arrows at the top of the Score Inspector to move to different score cells.
    The score inspector shows a student's grade being entered and a comment entered to commend the student on work well done.
  3. Select a flag on the Score Inspector to add it to a grade or score. You can also use hot keys, indicated by the two underlined letters below each flag in the score inspector, to add the flag from your keyboard.

    Note: If you have special codes that coincide with the hot keys (for example, ABS for absent), you must enter the full special code in order for it to appear in the score field.

  4. Select Save when you are done entering scores.

Score Constructed Response Items

The task of scoring Constructed Response Items (Essay and Short Text) is completed from the Assessment Detail. To view the Assessment Detail, access the Assignment/Activity List and click the View Test Results icon, or on the navigation menu select Grading > Assignments/Activities > View Test Results icon.