Immersive Reader

The Immersive Reader is a full-screen reading experience designed to increase the readability of content. It improves reading comprehension, increases fluency, and provides the help needed to decode complex texts. It can also aid writers since it provides a tool for analyzing the more technical aspects of a piece of writing.

The Immersive Reader supports students with dyslexia and dysgraphia in the classroom as well readers of other languages through the following features:

  • Have the text read aloud to you or select individual words to be pronounced in English or in the translation of your choice.
  • Change the text size, spacing, font, and background color to make the content more readable.
  • Color code and label words to indicate their part of speech. This can help with decoding more complex texts or reading in a foreign language.
  • Narrow the focus of your reading experience by highlighting sets of one, three, or five lines.
  • Activate the picture dictionary.
  • Translate text into other languages. There is even a whole-page translation option.

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