Settings/Sign Out

Change profile settings, subscribe to the weekly activity feed digest, change your password, and sign out of Unified Classroom from the user menu. 

Click your initials in the toolbar to access these settings.

Profile Page

Use Profile page to change your PowerSchool ID, change your recovery email, or select your preferred language for Unified Classroom.

If you signed in using your Google or Microsoft account, contact the Unified Classroom administrator to change your username.

If you change your Username, you will be signed out. You will need to sign in again with your new PowerSchool ID.

To open the Profile page, click your initials in the toolbar and choose Profile.

Verify Your Email Address for Activity Feed Posts

This procedure must be completed for teacher accounts.

On the user profile page, selecting the Subscribe to Weekly Digest checkbox does the following:

  • Verifies your email address.
  • Initiates your account to receive Activity Feed emails. You receive Activity Post emails when you choose the option to send the post as an immediate email message.
  • Subscribes your email to receive the weekly digest of all Activity Feed posts you make in Unified Classroom.

If you do not want to receive the weekly digest, deselect the checkbox, and click Save

A sample of an Activity Feed digest shows the messages received that week.

Change Your Password 

On the Profile page, click Change Password.
Note: You cannot change your password when using Google or Microsoft to sign in.