Display Settings

  1. On the user menu, select Settings and then select Display Settings.
  2. Change the Scale View to see more or fewer students on the scoresheet and other Grading pages.
  3. Use the Display and Sorting menu to sort the class names.
  4. Check Show Traditional Grade to display traditional grades.
  5. Use the Values to Show in the Traditional Grades Column menu to select the grade values you want to appear.
  6. Check Show Standards Pages and Links to use the standards grading features.
  7. Check Show Standards on Assignments to show standards aligned to assignments.
  8. Use the Auto-Calculate Assignment Standards Scores menu to determine the default setting for new assignments. Select New Assignments Start Checked to have the setting checked by default for all newly created assignments.
  9. Use the Navigation Links Sort Order menu to change the sort order of the Traditional and Standards navigation links in the Grading menu and Quick Menu. The default setting is Traditional, Standards.
  10. Check the pages on which you want the Professional Judgement Indicator to appear.
  11. Under Student Names, use the Display menu to define how students' names will appear, such as by first, then last name.
  12. Use the Sort Students by menu to choose how to sort the lists of students, such as by first name.
    • To view new students' names at the bottom of class lists, check Add newly enrolled students to the bottom.
    • To conceal the names of pre-registered students from class lists, check Hide pre-registered students.
  13. Click Save.