The Students page provides at-a-glance information about the students in a selected class. You can use this page when entering multiple scores for a single student and during parent-teacher conferences to explain student grades. 

Analyze performance throughout the term to ensure that students are mastering skills and standards. Review students’ performance as you prepare to complete final grades for report cards, and then use the gradebook to prepare for and conduct parent-teacher conferences.

  1. Choose a class using the class selector.
  2. Choose Students from the main navigation menu.
  3. Select from the Filter options to locate a student. 
  4. Check for early warning alerts within the student tile to see if a student has a failing grade, a high number of absences or tardies, missing assignments, or a combination of issues.
    • If the student has a grade warning, defined by a color level orange or red in the grade scale, then the letter grade and percentage appear in red.
    • If the student has missing assignments, a question mark and the number of missing assignments appear in red.
    • If the student is absent today, "Abs" appears in red.
      A student tile displaying student's name, photo, current grade, and missing assignments
  5. Select a student, or hover over a student card, to see the quick view summary. 
    An image of a student quick view summary that includes the student's name, a photo of the student, the eye icon that directs you to the Student Assignments page, a message icon that directs you to the message center, and a rocket icon that directs you to the Demographics page
    • Click View to navigate to the Student Detail page.
    • Click Message to send a direct message to the student in Unified Classroom. 
    • Click the rocket to navigate to the student's Demographics.

Note: If your district uses the Student Contacts feature in PowerSchool SIS, you may have access to additional contacts connected to the student.
Alerts are associated with the student's Special Programs and Enhanced Health information.
Note: Enhanced Health alerts only appear if Enhanced Health has been enabled by the district in PowerSchool SIS. 

  1. Click View to see a list of the student's alerts, health concerns, and health plans.
    View displays a list of icons indicating of all of the student's alerts

  2. Click the ellipsis, then choose to view the associated document in Unified Classroom, Special Programs, or PowerSchool SIS.

    Click View Full Health-Plans for more information regarding the student's active health concerns and plans.

    Note: Documents can be viewed using the Immersive Reader.