Student Detail

Navigate to the Student Detail from the Students page. Hover over a student photo or name, then select View.

  • Click the arrows on each side of a student photo to navigate to a different student.
  • Click Send Message to send a message to the student in Unified Classroom.
  • Switch the class or the term using the class selector or term selector. Click Show or Hide Dropped if students have dropped a class.

A screenshot of the Student Detail displaying the student's photo and name, a direct link to message that student, and an overview of the student's attendance and assignments.

Overview Tab

Class Overview Area

View this area for at-a-glance attendance and assignment information. Click the caret to show or hide the additional information.

The arrow is emphasized in a screenshot of the Class Overview area.

Recent Assignments Area

View this area for recent assignment information. Check the Flags column for missing or late assignments.

  1. Click View All.
  2. Click Edit Scores to change an assignment score.
  3. Select a cell on the Scoresheet to view the assignment summary information and the Score Inspector. Changed scores are highlighted.
  4. Click Save.
  5. If standards are associated with the assignment, select the Standards score to view the Assignment Standards Detail.

Standards Progress Area

The Standards Progress displays the student’s standards grades for each standard assessed, organized by reporting term. Compare the grades the student received in each term to assess their progress.

Assignment Standards Grades

  1. Click the arrow next to a standard to view assignments associated with the standard. The grade listed beside each assignment is the standards grade.
  2. Choose an assignment to view the assignment details. If necessary, edit grades from the Standards Progress area.

Personal Info

This area displays icons for the student's Special Programs and Enhanced Health alerts. 

Note: Enhanced Health alerts only appear if Enhanced Health has been enabled by the district in PowerSchool SIS. 

A screenshot of the personal info area displaying a list of icons that indicate of all of the student's alerts

  1. Click View to see a list of the student's alerts. 
  2. Click the ellipsis, then choose to view the associated document in Unified Classroom, Special Programs, or PowerSchool SIS.

    Note: Documents can be viewed using the Immersive Reader.


Click Assignments to view recent assignments for the student.

  1. Select an assignment to review the student's performance or submitted online work. 
  2. Click Edit Scores to change the assignment grade, recalculate final grades, or transfer scores (if applicable). Learn more about the assignment workflow.

Click Quick Links tab to view additional student pages enabled by your SIS and the District settings.

Special Programs

Note: Special Programs only appears if Special Programs has been purchased by the district.
Use this area to access your full case management system from Unified Classroom without losing student context. You can edit and create documents using the features of Special Programs. 

Create a Document

  1. Select a Document Type
  2. Click Create to sign in to Special Programs and create a new document.  

View or Edit a Document

  1. Select from the filter options to locate a document.

  2. Select a document. 
    1. Click the row to open the document quick view.
    2. Click the ellipsis, then choose whether to view the associated document in Unified Classroom or Special Programs

      Note: Documents can be viewed using the Immersive Reader.
      The ellipsis drop-down menu provides the options to view the document in Special Programs, or to navigate to the document list in Special Programs.