Student Standards Progress

View student Standards Progress on the Student Detail page to see the student’s standards grades for each standard assessed, organized by reporting term. Compare the student's grades in each term to assess their progress.

Switch the class or the term by selecting from the class selector or term selector.

  1. Click Edit Grades.
  2. Select a cell to display the standards summary information and the score inspector. If you change a grade, it is highlighted, and a black triangle appears to indicate it was changed.
    • The Professional Judgment Indicator alerts you that the student's calculated grade may not align with their proficiency in the standard.
  3. Click Save.
  4. To view the assignments assessing the standard, click the score in the Assignments column. Use the graph at the top of the page to view student performance over time.
  5. To view student performance on other standards, open the quick menu, and select a different standard.

Standard Grade Rollup

You can view details of the standard grade rollup from the student Standards page. In instances where the same student is concurrently being assessed on the same standard in different classes, the standards grades for each section are retained. They are averaged together to produce a rollup score. The higher score is stored.

You can view the Standard Grade Rollup from the Student Detail page.

  1. Click Quick Links, then select QLU-Standards.
  2. Choose the class.
  3. Select a grade under a reporting term to view the standards final grade details.
  4. Scroll down to the Rollup Grade section to view the standard rollup grade calculation details. The rollup includes the average grade, the highest grade, and the number of grades included to generate the average. The Grades Included in the Rollup section provides section-specific grades used to generate this rollup record. The Grades Excluded from the Rollup section lists grades excluded from the rollup.